Calgary is one of the main cities of Alberta. Calgary is a great central location to many exciting and differing Landscapes. To the North and the East are lands filled with some of the largest deposits of dinosaur fossils, and to the West is the great Canadian Rockies. The city has much to offer with a bustling downtown, lots of shopping districts and boutique cafes/restaurants.

Where did we eat?

Eclair de Lune: On recommendation from our Airbnb. This is a french bakery run by a Frenchmen from Lyon. There were so many delicious options to choose from. We both had cafe du lait with bread and butter pudding and vanilla slice.

Euphoria Cafe: We worked on our computers here for about four hours. I had a Mexican Mocha (mocha with cinnamon) and Todd had Spanish Latte (latte with condensed milk) and we also shared a peach/mango muffin.

Naina’s: We came here for lunch for stuffed burgers. Naina’s came first in the Alberta Burger Fest for $15 and also advanced to the world burger competition in November 2016. Click here and here to see what the burgers looked like. With the car parked we walked around Downtown a little.

Spice Hut: We ordered curry and naan.

Where did we stay?



Pedestrian shopping strip – 8th Ave SW and 3 St SW

Today we headed into Calgary to drive around Downtown and I also had to sort out my banking situation. With the car parked we walked around Downtown a little. Look out for all the enclosed footbridges about the streets.



On the way back to our Airbnb we also drove through Inglewood.


View of Downtown Calgary from Kensington lookout

We walked down the main street and back for an hour where we passed lots of pubs, cafes and boutique stores. There were also film students doing some filming. We walked towards Memorial Drive where there were big letters spelling MEMORIAL and a great view of Downtown Calgary.

Photo together at the lookout


View of Poppy Plaza from lookout on Memorial Drive

Looking down and to the right was Poppy Plaza where there were a lot of people biking and walking along the paths.

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