Denver is the capital of Colorado and is a flat city in a valley in the middle of the desert. In 2016 it was named the best city to live in the United States.

We only had one day in Denver following a weekend in Colorado Springs. We made the trip here especially for the Flight Of the Concords concert at the Red Rock Amphitheater.


  • Lil Ricci’s
  • Drove to dinner for yummy pasta and garlic knots which is only 10 minutes from the  Red Rock Amphitheatre.
  • Novo Coffee
  • We went for coffee at  on Glenarm Pl which was a hipster boutqiue cafe with draft lattes on tap.


Stayed at Westin Denver Downtown Hotel using hotwire.com for 1 night.


Traffic in Denver was a nightmare and it took us about  1hr 15min to get to Downtown from our hotel. Then from Cherry Creek to Denver International Airport took us 1hr 20min.


We then walked 800m to the Colorado State Capitol. Outside at Civic Center Park we got pictures of the capitol building.

Inside was an impressive dome, stainglass windows and paintings. It wasn’t busy so we were able to get tickets for the [free historical tour](https://www.colorado.gov/cga-legislativecouncil/tours-0) at 2:30pm.

It went for about 45 minutes and included a visit to the inside of the dome (99 steps) which which offered panaramic views of Downtown Denver.

After the tour we went to find the famous [One Mile Marker](http://www.denverrelocationguide.com/Which-Denver-State-Capitol-Step-is-One-Mile-High/). There are actally 3 but the one I am sitting with is the most recently accurate on the thirteenth step.


We then walked 2.5km (30min) east along E Colfax Ave to Tattered Cover Bookstore. This is a large independent bookstore with a large variety of covers.


We went to the Red Rock Amphitheater where we were going to see the [Flight of the Conchords](http://www.flightoftheconchords.co.nz/) concert. We arrived at 6pm and already the place was packed. People were sitting in the cars and around having a drink and chilling out before the show. We parked in one of the lower car parks and from there was a free shuttle uphill to the doors of the theatre. We then proceeded to wait in line with everyone else to enter the upstairs doors. While we were waiting in line we took in the impressive views of the red rocks.

Once the doors opened, about an hour before start time, we followed the line in where our tickets were scanned and security did a quick bag check. We were in the general seating which is in the back seat of the theatre, marked by a rope from the assigned seats. We managed to get a spot in the front row of the section, halfway from the middle to the right. These seats also gave us an amazing view of Denver and the surrounding area.

Seats filled up fast as everyone made their way in. These seats were just wooden planks and we both wish we had brought something comfortable to sit on and an extra jacket each. There is a long red rock on the left hand side of the theatre that is lit up during the show.

The concert was AMAZING. The theatre offered great acoustics, in was open under the stars, everyone had a good view of the stage and there were large screens that showed close ups of their faces that were super clear and enhanced the experience. And of course Flight of the Conchords were HILARIOUS and the atmosphere of everyone laughing together and having a good time was awesome.

After the concert, they still had stalls open to buy merchandise and Todd had bought a shirt and worn it to today. At least 5 people came up to us to tap him on the shoulder, smile and say “Wasn’t that a great show last night!”The walk down to the carpark was easy but getting out was a nightmare. Since everyone had to exit on the same road we waited 45mins before we were able to get out.

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