Todd and Tean met at London Heathrow on 21 September 2013 on the bus to Birmingham for study abroad. Tean arrived late to the airport and stood in the back of the group, but Todd saw her and knew he had to talk to this girl. They lined up and were split into groups based on their dorms. Tean’s group was first on the bus and she sat in the seat by the window and looked out to see Todd “the strange guy who seemed to have been staring at her earlier”. Tean continued to stare out the window as all the groups came on the bus and one by one they passed her. When Todd walked down the aisle, he took one step past Tean’s seat, stopped, took one step back and asked if he could sit next to her. The answer was “yes”. And little did they know this simple question would be the start of many adventures to come.



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